MBA Renewables

Mastering the renewable energy markets

The MBA Renewables programme includes economic, technical, legal, political and organisational knowledge tailored to the specific needs of the emerging renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. In addition, our students gain an overview of various technologies and their applications and advantages as well as an understanding of international energy policies, support mechanisms for green energy technologies and how to use these technologies profitably in industry.

Flexible learning

MBA Renewables is a distance learning degree and only the oral Master's examination has to be taken in Berlin, face-to-face with the board of examiners (compulsory). In the second or in the fourth semester we offer you the opportunity to attend classes on-campus at RENAC in Berlin to deepen technological know-how, but it is up to every student to decide upon participation (optional).

The programme follows a blended learning approach, allowing you to decide when, where and how you prefer to learn: materials for self-study, online lectures, video podcasts and exercises for monitoring the learning process are part of the educational services offered. This secures maximum flexibility and studying at ones own pace for the whole study (only examination dates are fixed).

Career prospects and international network

The programme is designed to equip future leaders with modern and advanced interdisciplinary management skills necessary for executive positions in the highly globalised market of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. Possible career paths unfold both upstream and downstream of green energy value chains, be it in project finance and consultancy, manufacturing, project development and implementation, governmental entities, NGOs, utilities or grid operators.

Students benefit from their fellow students from all over the world: in virtual working groups, through interdisciplinary teams exchanging know-how and experience using our learning platform, web-conference system and course forums as well as course chat rooms.

Why MBA Renewables?


Testimonial from our graduate

"This is a specialized MBA that could enhance your professional development!"

Kareem Abu Eid 2011 - 2014