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One of the objectives of the MBA Renewables study programme is to combine economic, technical, legal, political and organisational knowledge tailored to the specific needs of the emerging renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. The MBA Renewables graduates demonstrate with their master's thesis, that they are ready for this approach.

We invite you to read some graduate's testimonials, advices for further MBA Renewables students as well as some abstracts of master's thesis.

Our graduates discussed: The Perspectives of Renewable Energy Use

MBA Renewables Alumni Conference at Beuth University of Applied Science, 9 June 2018

Technical and Financial Appraisal of Solar Powered Irrigation with Remote Monitoring and Management System in Nigeria

Market analysis and market entry strategy for renewable energy storage technologies, with a focus on Power-to-Gas

Renewable Energy to scale up agricultural production and productivity in Mozambique: The solar PV and windmills technologies vis-a-vis financing issues

Technical, financial and bankability analysis of offshore transformer modules as an innovative cost cutting alternative in the French offshore wind industry

Photosynthetic Bacteria and Algae-based Biofuels used as Renewable Energy Resource

Strategies to enter and stimulate the Colombian PV market

Incentives for construction and operation of pumped storage power plants

Investigation of innovative solar financing and operation schemes as catalyzer for chilean residential and small scale commercial photovoltaic plants up to one megawatt peak

Sustainability development in mobile telecommunication sector

Sustainable energy for cities and local governments: An integrated assessment of Community Choice Energy business models in California

Nearly Zero Energy Building Refurbishments in General Hospital Varaždin

Feasibility Analysis of Reconfiguring Conventional Underground Water to Solar Powered Pumping Systems in Nigeria

Assessment of a 100% renewable electricity sector in the Faroe Islands in 2030, from the power company perspective

Financing Renewable Energy Innovations in Europe: Investment Criteria of Early Stage Investors and Guidelines for the Business Plan Development in the Context of Wave Energy Conversion

Market Strategy Options for BIPV in the Middle East

Implementing energy management system using the application of ISO 50001 at Geberit Produktions AG as example

The economic framework of productive use of renewable energy in the agricultural sector as a way of accelerating rural electrification in Africa - A comparative study of policy and economic framework of small hydropower for rural electrification, irrigation and agro-processing in Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Risk management of municipalisation of electricity grids in Germany

The energy transition as a green growth driver for the port of Marseille Fos: renewable energy, energy storage and energy efficiency

A Smart City Modelling and Benchmarking Framework Focus on Energy: Sustainability and Resilience

Identification of structural organizational conditions and other key influencing factors to develop a model for effective North-South NGO Partnerships

Economic Appraisal of Introducing Energy Efficiency in the Public Sector: Overview of existing economic methods with ex-post application to Sustainable Energy Management program in Croatia

Solar power for IT office buildings in India: Evaluating cost benefits and ancillary advantages



Development of an Integrated Business Plan for a Photovoltaic Modules Assembly Plant in Tanzania

Concentrated solar thermal using graphite storage blocks: Feasibility of application for industrial steam generation in Abu Dhabi

Developing the best expansion strategy for a Jordanian solar firm into the GCC

Analysis and Risk assessment of the supplier structure of a German transmission system operator - Development of a holistic supplier management process

MBA Renewables Alumni Conference 2018 “Perspectives of Renewable Power Generation for On-grid and Off-grid Power Supply”

The second MBA Renewables Alumni Conference took place in Berlin from 6 – 10 June 2018.

The conference was supported by DAAD with funds from Federal Foreign Office.

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Advices from former MBA students

"Just keep going when it's hardest and try to manage your time wisely"

- Zlatko Bačelić Medić

"To be determined, enduring and open minded in order to build the best balance between MBA, professional and personal lives throughout this academic marathon. Do not hesitate to participate at the on campus time in Berlin!"

- Sylvain Pichon

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