MBA Renewables

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MBA Renewables gathers an interdisciplinary group of professors with deep expertise in their fields and wide multicultural experience. These professionals have worked for years in the industry, the public sector and the academia in business and project management, the design and planning of renewable energy systems, in energy policy, conducting researches and studies, writing publications or providing legal advice.

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1st Semester
RE and EE Systems and Concepts
Energy Policy and Economic Framework
2nd Semester
International Business Law
Investment and Financing
Elective 1*
3rd Semester
Project Management
Marketing Analysis and Instruments
HR and People Management
4th Semester
International Management
Integrated Business Plan Development
Advanced Research Methods
Elective 2*
5th Semester
Master Thesis
Oral Master Examination
Advanced Practical RE and EE Implementation
Quality and Supply Chain Management
Advanced Renewable Energy Technologies
Energy Management and Energy Efficiency


RE = Renewable Energy | EE = Energy Efficiency | HR = Human Resources | green = Compulsory Module | red = Elective: On-Campus Time and Attendance in Berlin | grey = Electives | black = Master Thesis

Guest Lecturers

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Paul Kohlenbach - Professor for Renewables Energies and Mechanical Engineering at Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Director SOLEM Consulting: Solar thermmal technologies (Fall 2017/18)
  • Dr. Corinna Klessmann - Principal Consultant at ecofys: Auction schemes for renewable energy support (Spring 2017)
  • Mr. Stefan Müller - COO Enerparc: Current Development in the Photovoltaic Industry from a Global Perspective (Spring 2016)
  • Prof. Elin Lerum Boasson - Senior Researcher at Center for International Climate and Environmental Research: Multi-field Approach to National and European and Renewables Policies (Fall 2015/16)