MBA Renewables

Prof. Dr. Peter Weimann


Prof. Dr. Peter Weimann is Professor for Information Systems at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin since 2006.


Prof. Dr. Peter Weimann worked in the industry and consulting business in different management positions for over 10 years. After being appointed Professor at the University of Cape Town and working in the Department of Infomration Systems he became Professor at the University of Applied Sciences in Aalen and thereafter at the Beuth University Berlin. Peter Weimann has co-authored several textbooks and written research articles in the field of Information Systems, Business Engineering, Project Management and Health Management. His research topics are IS applications in hospitals, project management, virtual teams, research methods in sustainable and renewable energy studies.


Prof. Dr. Peter Weimann graduated as a Master in Computer Science in Germany and completed his PhD at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.




Author and lecturer of the Module:
Advanced Research Methods