MBA Renewables

Impressions on-campus time 2012 - 2016

On-campus time is one of the highlight amongst the study programme in MBA Renewables. It is a 2 weeks course and takes place every year in June in the capital city of Berlin at the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC). Every year almost 20 international students from MBA Renewables come to attend the seminar where they get the possibility to connect with their fellow students and professors face to face.

This course provides the students a great opportunity to strengthen the network and their personality through different activities. The on-campus time concentrates more on the method of learning by doing. More than half of the seminar contains practical trainings and field visits. Other than the hands on training some theoretical lectures are presented for background knowledge and also for the preparation of practical sessions.

Below you can find some of the impressions from on-campus time.

2017 Field Trip to the Energy Self Sufficient Village Feldheim

2016 Visit to a Hydropower plant in Märkisch Buchholz

2014 Visit to Energy Self Sufficient Village Feldheim in Treuenbrietzen

2013 PV Practical at RENAC in Berlin-Mitte

2015 Inspection of PV System on the Roof of RENAC in Berlin-Mitte

2016 Setting up Wind Mast at the RENAC training centre

2017 Field Trip to Energy Self Sufficient Village Feldheim

2016 Visit to Energy Self Sufficient Village Feldheim in Treuenbrietzen

2015 Setting up Wind Mast at the Beuth University

2012 PV Practical at RENAC in Berlin-Mitte

2016 Visit to a Biomass Heating Plant in Sellessen

2013 Visit to a Biogas Plant in a company Schradenbiogas in Brandenburg

Tibou Kaloga, BMW Group, USA, 2016:

"The training was hands on, and with the coaching of well experienced staff and experts in the renewable sector, the challenges seemed alleviated. In addition, the field trips to the Biomass and Biogas plants, solar farm and wind farm were a priceless experience. This reflects that the partnership of Beuth University of Applied Sciences and RENAC is strong, and these institutions are vested and committed to the best experience for the MBA students."

Ademola Samuel Abikinda, Eauxwell Nigeria Limited, Nigeria, 2015:

"The MBA Renewable program would have remained incomplete/partially fulfilled without the opportunity to meet such right and wonderful people all over the world. The lecturers, students and most especially the organizers are invaluable. Keep it up!"

Michel Abi Nakad, BUTEC S.A.L., UAE,  2014:

"The program was well organized combining theory, practice and field trips to cover the aspects of all renewable technologies."



Visited companies



 Enercon GmbH





  IKEA Berlin - Lichtenberg