MBA Renewables

MBA Renewables testimonials

Tim Greenaway

Tim Greenaway, Australia, Alumni Conference 2017
"(...)such a wonderful event. It has provided an excellent framework for reconnecting with friends, colleagues, professors, RENAC and Beuth University."

Graham Andrew Majorhart

Graham Andrew Majorhart, USA, On-campus time 2017
"(...) a truly enjoyable, informative and useful two-weeks training. The hands-on resources, coupled with computer modeling and site visits were transformational for my understanding of the technologies."

Jean-Luc Jacob

Jean-Luc Jacob, France, Alumni Conference 2017
"It was a great pleasure to meet the renewable ‘crowd’ again and meet more addicted as well. Diversity and quality of the contributions were outstanding."

Peter Förster

Peter Förster, Ecuador, On-campus time 2016
"I learned a lot and will most definitely be able to apply all this knowledge to my day to day work. I enjoyed the lectures, field trips and day to day experience."

Chandra Shekhar Gunde Panga

Chandra Shekhar Gunde Panga, Switzerland, On-campus time 2016
"RENAC is providing wonderful training programmes in the field of “RENEWABLES” and doing a great work towards the society and the planet by training the students across the world."

Michael Kern

Michael Kern, UK, On-campus time 2016
"The vision of an energy system based on 100% renewable energy is possible. By enabling the people worldwide to understand and experience RE-technologies in depth, RENAC + Beuth greatly contribute towards empowering the people with knowledge."

Mia Dragovic

Mia Dragovic, Croatia, On-campus time 2012
"These two weeks on-campus time opened my eyes and my mind, but also my heart. I feel grateful I could be here and I am positive the knowledge acquired will help me a lot with my future plans."

Ademola S. Abikinda

Ademola Samuel Abikinda, Nigeria, On-campus time 2015
"The MBA Renewable program would have remained incomplete/partially fulfilled without the opportunity to meet such right and wonderful people all over the world. The lecturers, students and most especially the organizers are invaluable. Keep it up!"

Jacquelyn Su-Yin Loke

Jacquelyn Su-Yin Loke, Malaysia, On-campus time 2015
"I have a lovely time here in Berlin so far and the classes and fieldtrips were really helpful and valuable. I’ve made many friends and network here with so many people with diverse background. Thank you!"

Alejandra Escobar

Alejandra Escobar, Mexico, Alumni Conference 2017
"It was so inspiring to learn about the projects of all the major colleagues (...) It was also a great opportunity to do international networking and to be updated in new renewable energy and energy efficiency topics."

Kontay V Sexton

Kontay V Sexton, USA, On-campus time 2013
"I have made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my career to enhance the application of renewable technologies to solve the world's energy needs. I see this MBA as a good first step in this career change."

Kevin de Bono

Kevin De Bono, Malta, On-campus time 2013
"Getting to know on a personal level the other participants especially during the students' background presentations and the field trips to the various sites."

Anna Katharina Meyer

Anna Katharina Meyer, Germany, On-campus time 2014
"I was able to study from all over the world, with class mates from all over the world. Flexible but not anonymous at all."

Fadi Marji

Fadi Marji, Jordan, Alumni Conference 2017
"The MBA Renewables Programme, being well structured and diversified in both the technical and business areas of RE and EE, would definitely lift your knowledge to an absolutely new level."

Tahere Mousavi

Tahere Mousavi, Technical Assistant of Management Director, Megatech Germany GmbH, Iran, 2012
"I chose to do this programme to access the field of renewables to give myself the opportunity of contributing to a future world with no more war because of oil."

Students and graduates about the MBA Renewables

The MBA Renewables on-campus time is taking place in Berlin in the 2nd semester. We always ask our students to share their opinion about the programme - their answers can be found in the testimonials slideshow. The first MBA Renewables alumni graduated in 2014. Many of them came to Berlin in June 2017 when our 1st Alumni Conference on “Integration of Renewable Power Generation” took place, offering seminars, practical exercises and field trips for the MBA Renewables alumni.