MBA Renewables

Public-private education

MBA Renewables is a programme jointly offered by Beuth University of Applied Sciences in Berlin and the private Renewables Academy (RENAC). The collaboration of a state University of Applied Sciences  and a private academy that is – although independent from specific companies – closely tied to the German renewable energy and energy efficiency industry, is very fruitful for the MBA programme. The University of Applied Sciences brings in its scientific and organisational know-how and provides lecturers for the ‘classical’ MBA topics. At the University the MBA is organized by the Institute of Distance Learning, which has more than 25 years of experience with distance learning degrees. The Institute collaborates closely with the faculty of Business Administration and Social Sciences bringing in the ‘Business Administration’ and Management know-how. RENAC, being linked to the industry, brings in renewable energy and energy efficiency specific know-how in terms of technology, financing, marketing, regulation and policies.

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About MBA Renewables