MBA Renewables

Team MBA Renewables

Programme Director

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter PumpeProf. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Pumpe
Business Administration and Business Informatics

E-Mail: pumpe[at]

Institute of Distance Learning

Prof. Dr. Florian Schindler Prof. Dr. Florian Schindler (PhD)

E-Mail: schindler[at]

Caroline WeilandCaroline Weiland, M.A.
Study Progamme Coordinator

E-Mail: cweiland[at]

Silja KroescheSilja Krösche, M.A.
Study Progamme Coordinator

E-mail: kroesche[at]

Tina BuettnerTina Büttner, M.A.
Study Programme Administrator

E-Mail: tbuettner[at]

Diana Schild, B.A.
Study Programme Administrator

E-Mail: dschild[at]



Renewables Academy AG (RENAC)

Berthold BreidBerthold Breid

E-Mail: breid[at]

Uta Zähringer

Study Programme Coordinator, Project Director

E-Mail: zaehringer[at]

Saskia Letz
Marketing & Communication

E-Mail: letz[at]

Lene Grübler
Project Assistant

E-Mail: gruebler[at]


For questions, please contact:

Caroline WeilandCaroline Weiland
Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin

via our contact form