MBA Renewables

Admission requirements

University degree

Students with a University Degree (210 ECTS credits) are entitled to enrol for the MBA Renewables. For applicants with less than 210 credits the Dean will determine additional modules that have to be completed successfully by the student before being admitted to the final examination.

Language skills

Another prerequisite to study the Masters programme is a very good command of English. As a proof we accept qualifications based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (Independent User B2) such as, for instance, the TOEFL or IELTS. In addition to this, native language or official language in the home country are accepted. Students may hand in their application before having completed the necessary language test. Certificates of successfully completed language tests should be submitted by 15th September in the year of application at the latest.

Professional experience

After completing your studies, as a rule at least 1-2 years of practical professional experience in any field are required.

Fees and payment

The tuition fees for the entire MBA Renewables programme are €14,000 (examination fees are included), plus travel costs for on-campus time and oral exam in Berlin. The fees are payable in 5 instalments of €2,800 each at the beginning of each semester. 

MBA Renewables demo course

Visit our demo course and get familiar with the distance learning platform Moodle. Please enter as a guest. In the demo course you’ll find:

  • MBA Renewables information brochure
  • Study and examination regulations of the programme
  • Modules’ reference handbook
  • Excerpts from learning units of the first semester
  • Forum
  • FAQ


You can check various options to enquire about sponsorship.

Scholarship Search

Employer Support

    Many companies provide financial support for higher education of their staff. If it is likely that your current employer will benefit from your studies, we advise you to discuss potential financing options with him/her.


    It is worthwhile to search for institutions that award prizes to outstanding dissertations or study projects, such as:

    • RWE Zukunftspreis - awards dissertations (Bachelor, Master, Phd) that provide academic incentive for a sustainalbe energy supply; is awarded every two years

    1st step

    Admission pre-check. First we will check if you meet all formal requirements for application.

    2nd step

    If you have passed the admission pre-check we will inform you how to apply for the MBA Renewables with a:

    ECTS credits

    European Credit Transfer System
    1 credit corresponds to a learning workload of 25-30 hours.

    Scale of Charges and Fees

    German Version

    English Version

    Please note: The respective German version is legally binding.