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Blended Learning Approach

Distance learning is based on self-study and requires a significant amount of self-discipline. In order to facilitate the learning process and to make it as comfortable and efficient as possible, we offer our students a blend of different didactical methods and services. Our blended learning approach has been designed to meet the needs of students who are studying whilst working, as it guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of time management: each student decides when, where and how to learn.

Each semester, students will work through 3-4 modules worth 5 ECTS credit points, i.e. an estimated 125 working hours to successfully pass one module.

All contents will be presented to our students via our learning management system, which can be accessed from any place in the world with an internet connection. Here, our students find all offers and services they need for completing the degree successfully, and can also interact with their fellow students from all over the world:

Self-Study Materials
News Forum Organizational Forum
Written Assignments
Final Exams
Blended Learning Elements
Online Lectures
Virtual Work Groups
Chat and Messaging
Video Podcasts
Technical Forums
Central Helpdesk

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Our virtual classroom


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Demo course

Visit our demo course and get familiar with the distance learning platform Moodle:

  • Excerpts from learning material
  • Example lecture
  • Study and examination regulations
  • Modules’ reference handbook
  • Information brochure
  • Forum
  • FAQ