MBA Renewables

Blended Learning Approach for MBA Renewables

Distance learning is based on self-study and requires a significant amount of self-discipline. In order to facilitate the learning process and to make it as comfortable and efficient as possible, we offer our students a blend of different didactical methods and services. Our blended learning approach has been designed to meet the needs of students who are studying whilst working, as it guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of time management: each student decides when, where and how to learn.

Each semester, students will work through 3 modules worth 5 credit points, i.e. an estimated 150 working hours to successfully pass one module.

All contents will be presented to our students via our learning management system, which can be accessed from any place in the world with an internet connection. Here, our students find all offers and services they need for completing the degree successfully, and can also interact with their fellow students from all over the world:

Self-study materials

Every module consists of written study material prepared as e-learning material. The study material is also available as a .pdf download. This study material is the centrepiece of every module and should be worked through conscientiously.


Each module consists of several learning units. Most learning units are accompanied by online exercises on the content. Thereby students have the possibility to constantly monitor their individual learning process.

Online lectures

Students have the chance to participate in live online lectures. Here selected issues within the various subject areas are highlighted and explained in greater detail. The online lecture is a real time meeting of professors and lecturers with students via a web conference system – so students from all over the world meet in a virtual classroom to discuss crucial issues within the subject matter. Several online lectures will be offered for each module.

Video podcasts

Students who do not have the chance to participate in the live sessions can watch and/or download a video of the lecture at any time at their convenience.


Students can get in contact with their lecturers and fellow students at any time via the course forum within the learning management system. This is the place to ask questions, exchange views and discuss things beyond the online lectures. Lecturers will answer questions within a short period of time.

Chat and messaging

In our learning management system students have several possibilities to get in contact with their fellow students. Students can use the chat rooms or send messages to one or more students directly.

Virtual working groups

MBA Renewables thrives on the exchange of experience between its students. Therefore, virtual work groups form an integral part of the programme. Students team up with others in order to prepare assignments and presentations or jointly prepare for exams and discussions. The University provides the platform for exchange in the form of web-meeting rooms that students can access and manage independently.

Assignments and exams

Each module involves two exams – one in the middle of the semester and one final exam at the end of each semester. Usually the midterm assignment is based on real life case studies and aims at preparing students for the final exams. At the end of the semester a written, an oral or a group examination will take place. One written exam per semester needs to be done under supervision in the students´ home country. Supervising institutions include, for example, DAAD or Goethe Institutes. Beuth University assists the students in finding supervision places worldwide. The grade of one module results from the weighted grades of both the assignment and exam.

Central help desk

For all organisational questions, the central help desk is the first point of contact. It is being organized by the MBA Renewables team at the Beuth University as a one-stop-shop for all relevant information and individual solutions.