MBA Renewables

Programme structure and contents

MBA Renewables is designed for 2.5 years of part-time study, including the Master's thesis. The distance learning programme covers the following modules – please click on the respective module to access the detailed description.

1st Semester
RE and EE Systems and Concepts
Energy Policy and Economic Framework
2nd Semester
International Business Law
Investment and Financing
Elective 1*
3rd Semester
Project Management
Marketing Analysis and Instruments
HR and People Management
4th Semester
International Management
Integrated Business Plan Development
Advanced Research Methods
Elective 2*
5th Semester
Master's Thesis
Oral Master Examination (in Berlin)
Practical RE and EE Implementation (in Berlin)
Advanced Renewable Energy Technologies
Energy Management and Energy Efficiency


RE = Renewable Energy | EE = Energy Efficiency | HR = Human Resources
green = Compulsory Module | red = Elective: On-Campus Time and Attendance in Berlin | grey = Electives | black = Master Thesis
Electives*: In the 2nd and in the 4th Semester students choose 1 out of 4 Elective Modules.


11 out of 15 modules on offer are mandatory. In the 2nd and in the 4th semester students choose one out of 4 elective modules in each case. They can make a choice out of the following modules:

Example calendar of fall and spring semesters

Fall semester

  • 1st October: Start fall semester
  • January: Written assignments
  • March: Final examinations

Spring semester

  • 1st April: Start spring semester
  • June: On-campus time in Berlin (optional)
  • July: Written assignments
  • September: Final examinations


Study and examination regulations

Regulations for Admission

The programme is accredited