MBA Renewables

Albolfazl Hassanzadeh

Master's thesis

Implementing energy management system using the application of ISO 50001 at Geberit Produktions AG as example

Professional background

Electrical Engineer, IT SAP consultant, Project Manager Logistics

Advice for future students

"Don't hold off too long on doing master thesis".

Abstract of the thesis:
The energy provision issues, security of supply and energy costs, occupy the agenda of most governments and organisations for many years. Energy production, transport and distribution are regarded as fundamental elements of national economy. Provision of energy needs to be managed like any other consuming goods in daily life. Energy management systems provide a tool to formalise energy management and to establish a companywide common process. To address energy and environmental management, the International Organisation for Standardization (ISO) provides two management systems, the ISO 14001 for environment and the ISO 50001 for energy.
These two ISO standards have many overlapping requirements. To utilise these commonalities at Geberit Productions AG in Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, this work analyses the existing environmental management system ISO 14001 and conducts a gap analysis on the basis of ISO 14001. The key points of this work are to establish consumption baseline, energy review and as a last step in the sequence, preparation of an action plan.