MBA Renewables

António Osvaldo Saíde

Master's thesis

Renewable Energy to scale up agricultural production and productivity in Mozambique: The solar PV and windmills technologies vis-a-vis financing issues.

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Abstract of the thesis:
Based on two well-known renewable energy technologies in Mozambique (solar PV pumps and wind-powered pumps) for drinking water, results of an attempt to project their future models to boost small and medium farmers’ irrigation systems approach. Moreover, it will focus on financial aspects related to the technologies covered in this study. The likely contribution of renewable energy options to improve agriculture production and productivity considered in the study to the projected energy demand for irrigation water pumping systems in Mozambique. Lastly, it also will be evaluated based on technology and financing issues the appropriate model to disseminate in the country. Of course, aligned with existing financing window of opportunities and its requirements taking into account the learning effect observed in the study.