MBA Renewables

Dirk Kalusa

Master's thesis

Risk management of municipalisation of electricity grids in Germany

Professional background

Head of Department Business Promotion for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency

Experience with the MBA Renewables

"The MBA opened me the way to business management tools and understanding while focusing on the energy sector".

Advice for future students

"Strong self-discipline and endurance are a precondition to complete the distance-learning MBA in 30 months".

Abstract of the thesis
In the wake of the German energy market structure transition, referred to as “Energiewende”,  the municipalisation of electricity grids by local authorities became a strong issue incorporating the population in the new market structures. The Energiewende opens more options and attracts new players including public companies to generate power and control the distribution channels. During this debate citizens built an awareness of energy issues, partly also participate in form of domestic solar energy generation, and opt for a higher involvement of their local authorities in electricity grid management through movements and referenda forcing their deputies to act. By and large many people mistrust private economic players in the context of a global economy crisis and want to see the management of services in general interest (including energy generation and distribution) in the hands of public stakeholders. Partly also political actors see an option to generate income by operating local grids, keep local added value in the region, and try to win momentum in the energy market. Of course, such municipalisation processes bear risks that have the power to endanger the entire enterprise to the extent of a total failure. The thesis describes the context of the grid municipalisation process and identifies, analyses, and evaluates different risks during all phases of the process and developed risk treatment mechanisms.