MBA Renewables

Fadi Marji

Master's thesis

Developing the best expansion strategy for a Jordanian solar firm into the GCC

Professional Background

Director of Operations & Development - Izzat Marji
Director of Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Department - Izzat Marji Group
B.Sc. Electrical Engineering, University of Jordan, 1993
MBA Renewables, Beuth University of Applied Sciences – Berlin, 2015
Certified CEM® (Certified Energy Manager) by AEE (Association of Energy Engineers), 2014
Certified REP® (Renewable Energy Professional) by AEE, 2011
Certified “REP® trainer” by AEE, 2011

Experience with the MBA Renewables

"The MBA Renewables Programme, being well structured and diversified in both the technical and business areas of RE and EE, would definitely lift your knowledge to an absolutely new level.
It was astonishing to me how the diverse learning areas were connected to RE and EE in a remarkable manner. There are no doubts that it would put you on the right track for your own investigations.
I really cannot find anything to criticize this program. The most interesting and impressive part was the practical on-campus time".

Advice for future students

"Try not to make getting the degree your only purpose, likewise concentrate on growing your insight through pursuing extra reading and keeping up-to-date with the latest innovation advancements and industry news.
Toward the end, your journey will be your award; in addition, you would get the MBA Renewables degree as your additional bonus!"

Abstract of the thesis
Izzat Marji Group (IMG) is a main leading Jordanian Company that incorporates Solar PV amongst its activities. This thesis explores the best expansion strategy for IMG into the Corporate Gulf Council (GCC) region. The research begins with the examination of the background information of IMG, then by distinguishing its most decisive key success factors, motives and challenges to venture into the GCC market.
The exploration analyzes the situation in three of the GCC countries: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. At that point, the selection criteria are resolved to recognize the preferred country into which the first footstep ought to be taken. Apparently, the potential demand for Solar PV in these virgin markets is very high, yet in the meanwhile, the risk and uncertainty of doing a concrete business is elevated. Considering this eccentric and unpredictable market situation and taking into account the other relevant factors and circumstances, the business idea is formed. The best expansion strategy has been closed by ‘'setting up the business office in Dubai Jebel Ali Free Zone, focusing on the market in Kuwait, and getting the engineering support from Jordan’.
Considering this business concept, the market in the selected country ‘Kuwait’ is examined and the influencing factors are recognized. Appropriately, the favored market access strategy is determined to satisfy the particular market needs while in the meantime bearing in mind accommodating the capabilities of IMG.
Finally, the organizational business setup is established, encompassing all the essential elements to do a successful and sustainable business. Throughout the time, the outlook for the future growth prospects are constantly remembered.