MBA Renewables

Michel Abi Nakad

Master's thesis

Concentrated solar thermal using graphite storage blocks: Feasibility of application for industrial steam generation in Abu Dhabi

Professional background

General Manager – BUTEC UAE

Experience with the MBA Renewables

"For me, completing MBA in Renewables was a real challenge at the start. But later, with the help of qualified staff and learning tools at BEUTH & RENAC, it became a real choice and pleasure".

Advice for future students

"Highly motivating program designed for people who cannot attend regular university on-campus courses, but seeking professional technical, managerial and financial skills in RE & EE".

Abstract of the thesis
This master’s thesis presents the potential of using the graphite storage technology to store solar energy reflected by concentrated solar field using toroidal heliostats. It explores the advantage of the newly developped SOLASTOR solar receiver block that uses high purity crystalline graphite to store thermal energy.
The focus of the application will be on Abu Dhabi market that holds large potential for the use of concentrated solar power using SOLASTOR steam generators integrated in different applications, such as the use of steam for EOR, solar district cooling and industrial thermal machineries.
Finally, a case study on a food processing factory in Abu Dhabi is prepared to identify the technical and economic benefits of using roof mounted SOLASTOR modules for air conditioning and process equipment cooling demand.