MBA Renewables

Rassim Hariz

Master's thesis

Technical, financial and bankability analysis of offshore transformer modules as an innovative cost cutting alternative in the French offshore wind industry

Professional background

With a background in marine engineering, I have been working on several offshore wind projects (FR, DE, DK) as a Project Manager in charge of consent, EIA, maritime safety and site investigation operations for engineering purposes (foundations & cables). My responsibilities included mainly running tenders, contract negotiation/management, claims management, onshore and offshore supervision and reporting to Board members of a consortium including wpd offshore, EDF, DONG, and GE/Alstom as an exclusive WTGs supplier. Recently, I have been appointed as a technical & commercial coordinator within wpd offshore France in order to coordinate the overall offshore wind tender on the different packages.

I have also a consultancy experience in the Mediterranean and English Channel regarding marine traffic regulation, oil spills management, development of the maritime highways concept and Maritime Spatial Planning within national agencies (Algeria, France) but also with the EU and UNEP.

Advice for future students

"It is really worth attending this unique Renewables programme if you intend to take an active role in the energy future".

Experience with the MBA Renewables

"Thanks to this MBA in Renewables and Energy Efficiency, I developed a set of skills in investment & financing, marketing, economic, technical, legal, political and organizational knowledge tailored to the specific needs of the different renewables technologies... and not only in the offshore wind markets!".

Abstract of the thesis:
Offshore wind is considered as a central energy within the renewables mix promoted by the European Commission. As it is a young industry, the costs are obviously higher compared to the market energy prices. This is why, we observe a general pressure from governments to trigger a momentum towards costs reduction for offshore wind projects. Germany, Denmark and the UK are the European leaders in terms of offshore wind installed capacity. France still faces several challenges to promote this industry due mainly to instable legal schemes and high implementation costs. Among the options that could allow a cost cutting application, the collection and transmission system package and particularly the offshore module transformers developed by Siemens seem to be interesting to analyze in order to assess their cost reduction potential. Within this research work, several analysis involve technical, financial and bankability assessment in order to confirm the suitability and attractiveness of this solution in the French offshore wind market and under which conditions.
Key words: French offshore wind, cost cuttings, Collection and Transmission systems, OTM, technical and financial assessment, bankability.