MBA Renewables

Sakthi Ganesh Jayakumar

Master's thesis

Solar power for IT office buildings in India: Evaluating cost benefits and ancillary advantages

Professional background

Bachelor of Engineering , IT Professional

Advice for future students

"Learn from each other as there will be experienced professionals with varied background as fellow students. Master thesis tip – It will always take more time than you think, to properly format your thesis".

Experience with the MBA Renewables

"I enjoyed being a student of the MBA Renewables course.  It was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the renewable technology, the market insights, the management aspects of this field and the bigger picture in general. The group works were very useful to implement the theory to practical scenarios".

Abstract of the thesis:
The Master’s Thesis evaluates the financial feasibility of integrating Renewable Energy in Information Technology (IT) companies located in India, the advantages of implementing renewable energy from the company’s perspective and also from the perspective of the community. The thesis will specifically explore the following key aspects:
  • Overview of the Indian IT Market
  • Existing power sector setup and challenges in the Southern India
  • Overview of existing state policies in Southern India with respect to renewable energy
  • Explore the various renewable options available for the IT companies and their suitability
  • Evaluate the financial viability of integrating renewable energy for a typical IT Company
  • Advantages of implementing the renewable energy from company’s perspective
  • Positive effects on the state DISCOMs because of the self-generation by IT companies
  • Impact on the community and on Indian economy in general due to the reduced burden on the Grid.

With regards to the scientific methods applied, the thesis will undertake Documentary analysis using Secondary data relevant to integrating renewable energy to the energy mix of the IT companies and also Cost Benefit analysis of an example project. The research undertaken and methods applied are to provide a comprehensive answer to the following questions:
  • Is it financially viable to implement renewable energy in Indian IT Companies?
  • What are the other possible benefits for the company implementing renewable energy for their own consumption?
  • What ancillary advantages can be expected by self-generation of electricity by IT companies?

The results of this thesis is expected to shed light on the suitable renewable energy technology for IT companies, key requirements for the financial viability of integrating renewable energy in IT companies and the expected benefits from the companies perspective and from the community’s perspective.