MBA Renewables

Sani Salisu

Master's thesis

Photosynthetic Bacteria and Algae-based Biofuels used as Renewable Energy Resource

Professional background

Education - Chemical/ Biochemical Engineer. Currently work as a Chemical Raw Materials Procurement Manager.

Advice for future students

"Do not hesitate to take active part in discussions and bring in your ideas and initiatives. The summer on-campus courses are “a must” for all students".

Experience with the MBA Renewables

"It is an opportunity to study and collaborate with an international team of students. It was fun and challenging".

Abstract of the thesis:
The  two  major  challenges  in  global  energy  systems  are  to  reduce  energy-related  greenhouse  gas emissions  and  to  maintain  energy  supply  security.  This thesis presents one solution to both problems. It proposes strategies for the transformation of Microorganisms system into 100% renewable, stable and almost emission-free energy systems without making use of nuclear energy or carbon capture and storage.  Biofuels  made  from  microalgae  hold  the  potential  to  solve  many  of  the  sustainability challenges facing other biofuels today.
In the first part, bioenergy is analysed in the broader context of climate change, energy systems and land use  in  order  to  estimate  the  sustainable  potential  of  global  bioenergy.  Then, a techno-economic and ecologic analysis of bioenergy pathways is done in order to identify the strategic role of bioenergy in the next generation renewable energy.
The thesis work tries to define Biofuels made from photosynthetic bacteria and microalgae as the  main feedstock holding the potential to solve many of the sustainability challenges facing other biofuels today.