MBA Renewables

Zlatko Bačelić Medić

Master's thesis

Nearly Zero Energy Building Refurbishments in General Hospital Varaždin


Mechanical engineer, working in Energy Efficiency and Renewables

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MBA Renewables

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Abstract of the thesis:
This research is focused on the issue of nearly Zero Energy Building refurbishments in General Hospital Varaždin. The research is envisaged as a comprehensive analysis of 22 buildings of General Hospital Varaždin intended to determine the primary energy consumption levels which could be achieved with a combination of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures. Thesis establishes the baseline in terms of construction and energy characteristics as the first step. This step facilitates further development of the research in terms of defining the energy efficiency and renewable energy measures, as well as meeting the regulatory requirements related to energy efficiency in general and nearly Zero Energy building requirements. Effects of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures are quantified through calculation procedures defined by the regulation, as well as using software tools. After determining the impact of energy efficiency and renewable energy measures on energy consumption of each building, the overall financial impact was assessed. Finding the combination of proposed energy efficiency and renewable energy measures which maximizes the Net Present Value for each building was done with a cost-optimal analysis. The search for cost-optimal refurbishment solutions for each building also included finding the energy costs, CO2 emission costs, maintenance costs and final values throughout the period of 20 years. The results suggest that existing hospital buildings such as buildings in General Hospital Varaždin can be refurbished to meet nearly Zero Energy Building requirements set out in the regulation. Research has confirmed the expectations related to nearly Zero Energy buildings, but also uncovered a big gap in the obtained values and the regulatory requirements.