Can you send me more information about this programme?

We would be happy to send you more information about the programme by email. Please use the contact form so we can send you our information email.

When is the application deadline for this programme?

You can apply for the spring semester intake until 10th March and for the fall semester intake until 15th July.

What is the start date for this programme?

You can start on 1st April or 1st October depending on your preference.

What is the duration of this programme?

The programme lasts 5 semesters, i.e. 2.5 years.

How much does this programme cost?

The programme costs €19,800 in total (examination fees per semester are included), payable in 5 instalments of €3,960 each.

Can I pay for this programme in installments?

Yes, the fee is paid in 5 instalments of €3,200 each.

Is this programme available online?

The MBA Renewables study programme is studied entirely online – you only have to come to Berlin for the final Master’s oral exam at the end of your studies.

What language is this programme taught in?

The programme is entirely taught in English.

Is this programme offered part-time or full-time?

The programme is offered part-time but it is even possible to study full-time. Please contact us via email (contact(at)mba-renewables.info) or the contact form to learn more about this option.

Where is this school located?

Berliner Hochschule für Technik is a state-owned university located in Berlin, Germany. Since the MBA Renewables is studied entirely online, personal attendance in Berlin (Germany) is only required for the final oral Master’s examination. During your studies you will not attend any on-campus courses in Berlin, except if you decide to take part in the elective two-week on-campus practical renewable energy training in Berlin, Germany (optional).

What funding options do you have for this programme?

We are unfortunately not able to offer any scholarships, but there are a number of foundations offering scholarships to students. Please visit the following websites to find further information:

In order to explore further scholarship options, we recommend the following search engines:

It is not uncommon for employers to support further training in management studies. If it is likely that your current employer will benefit from your renewable energy studies, we advise you to discuss potential financing options with your human resources department. An alternative to financial subsidies is paid leave or extra holidays for learning.

What documents are required to apply to this programme?

The documents required for the application are listed under application on our website. We recommend that you undergo our free admission pre-check to clarify whether you meet the admission requirements.

What is the admission process for this programme?

The admission process consists of two steps. In the first step we ask you to undergo our free admission pre-check. After the pre-check we will inform you how to submit your application. If you have a first university degree from a German university you apply directly via Berliner Hochschule für Technik. If you have a non-German degree you need to apply via uni-assist.