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MBA Renewables is designed for 2.5 years of part-time study, including a Master's thesis. The distance learning programme covers the modules listed below. There is a total of 15 modules: 11 mandatory modules and 4 elective modules. Elective modules are offered during the second and fourth semesters. This means that every student completes 13 modules in total. Click on the modules below to view detailed descriptions.

Advanced Practical Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Implementation

On-campus time in Berlin

Complementing the distance learning curriculum, as an MBA Renewables student you can take the elective, Advanced Practical Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Implementation (E01). As part of this elective, you can participate in the one-week, in-person training in Berlin, Germany. Learn more about the on-campus time in Berlin.

We reserve the right to replace on-campus time with a virtual concept if necessary.

Blended Learning

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Visit our demo course and learn more about Moodle, the learning platform. Please enter as a guest by clicking on the “Log in as a guest” button. In the demo course you will find:

  • programme study and examination regulations; module descriptions
  • excerpts from learning material covered in the first semester
  • guest lectures: 
    Opportunities & Challenges of grid connected MW PV Power Plants, Mr Stefan Müller, CEO of Enerparc AG
    Passion still is the best business plan. How Flux Solar was born in Chile,  Mr David Rau, CEO of Flux Solar
    Future-Proofing Business. The symbiosis of digitalisation and sustainability, Ms Jonquil Hackenberg 
  • recording of a Q&A session with students
  • FAQs addressing questions about workload, grading, applications, and other topics


MBA Renewables modules are taught by an interdisciplinary group of lecturers with extensive expertise in their fields and profound multicultural experience. These professionals have experience working in relevant industries, the public sector, academia, business and project management, renewable energy system design and planning, energy policy, research and writing publications, providing legal advice.

Master's theses

The MBA Renewables online study programme combines economic, technical, legal, political, and organisational knowledge tailored to the specific needs of the emerging renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. For their Master’s theses, MBA Renewables graduates are required to examine various aspects of renewable energy and energy efficiency and relate them to business and managements topics. Browse previous Master’s theses, read the abstracts and learn more about the graduates’ backgrounds.

Priscilla van Amerongen, Netherands

“This MBA Programme is a very good next step after my technical education and work experience to gain financial understanding. The programme meets two worlds, technical and financial. Online learning provides you the possibility to study anywhere at any time efficiently.”

Jorge Fereira, UK

"I started this MBA programme looking at the future of the energy business, plus the online teaching and mock questions give me the flexibility I need with my work. On-campus time is fully beneficial for network building and practical learning which helps in a better understanding of the technologies."