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MBA Renewables is designed for 2.5 years of part-time study, including a Master's thesis. The distance learning programme covers the modules listed below – 11 of the 15 modules on offer are mandatory, while in both the second and fourth semesters students choose one of four elective modules. This means that every student completes 13 modules in total. Click on the respective module to access a detailed description.

Advanced Practical Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Implementation

On-campus time in Berlin

Complementing the distance learning curriculum, as an MBA Renewables student you can take the elective, Advanced Practical Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Implementation (E01). As part of this elective, you can participate in the one-week, in-person training in Berlin, Germany. Learn more about the on-campus time in Berlin.

We reserve the right to replace on-campus time with a virtual concept if necessary.

Blended Learning

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MBA Renewables Demo Course

Visit our demo course and get familiar with the distance learning platform Moodle. Please enter as a guest. In the demo course you will find:

  • study and examination regulations of the programme
  • module descriptions
  • excerpts from the learning material of the first semester
  • self-study quizzes
  • guest lecture by the CEO of Enerparc AG
  • recording of a Q&A webinar with students
  • MBA Renewables brochure
  • extract from the online forum
  • FAQ (workload, grading, applications, etc.)


MBA Renewables gathers an interdisciplinary group of lecturers with deep expertise in their fields and wide multicultural experience. These professionals have worked for years in industry, the public sector and academia, in business and project management, the design and planning of renewable energy systems, in energy policy, conducting research and studies, writing publications or providing legal advice.

Master's theses

The MBA Renewables online study programme combines economic, technical, legal, political and organisational knowledge tailored to the specific needs of the emerging renewable energy and energy efficiency markets. In their Master’s thesis, MBA Renewables graduates examine various aspects of renewable energy and energy efficiency and relate them to business and managements topics. Browse previous Master’s theses, read the abstracts and learn more about the graduates’ backgrounds. You will also find testimonials and advice for future MBA Renewables students.

Khadija Nouasria, Germany

Having an engineering background together with this programme helped me a lot to have a much better view about the Renewable energy world. The content of the programme is just excellent. One has the opportunity to work on different projects and networks with many students who have different backgrounds. It is really worth it!

Naresh Kumar Govindan, India

"The MBA programme is amazing. On successful completion, the candidates stand distinctive in the renewable energy industry. This is mainly because the course content is well structured and very comprehensive. We covered all relevant technical, political, financial, and project aspects of renewable energy projects.”