MBA Renewables is the first and only distance-learning MBA programme focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency. This international online study programme has been jointly offered by Berliner Hochschule für Technik (BHT) and the Renewables Academy since 2011.

This part-time programme includes online modules as well as the opportunity to complete a Master’s thesis over the course of 2.5 years. Join other professionals from all over the world in this programme and gain economic, technical, legal, political, and organisational expertise tailored to the specific needs of emerging renewable energy markets. This highly regarded MBA programme will help you to enhance your career prospects.

The application deadline for the fall semester starting October 2024 is 15 August 2024.

Applications are currently being accepted.

We also offer the following executive course starting 1 December 2024:
Energy Policy and Economic Framework
Market Analysis and Instruments







Demo course

Flexible learning

Our programme has been designed to meet the needs of students who are studying whilst working. It provides flexibility enabling students to decide when, where, and how to learn.

The MBA Renewables online study programme could be right for you. Download our guide to finding the right MBA, which covers important aspects to consider before enrolling in an MBA programme.

The study programme’s online learning platform includes the following features and services:

  • learning materials for self-paced study
  • learning platform
  • live lectures
  • educational videos
  • collaborative tools
  • technical and organisational forums
  • guidelines for academic writing and collaboration
  • self-tests and completion status
  • mobile app


Our programme develops leaders with the interdisciplinary skills and insights needed for a successful career in the renewable energy sector.

The Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation (FIBAA) highlighted that, “The content of the programme and the reachable learning outcomes are such that the students achieve employability above average.”

As a student you will benefit from collaborating with peers from all over the world you will have opportunities to exchange technical know-how and experiences as a member of international teams. As part of case-based project work, you will further your understanding of the international dimension of climate change as a global challenge. To address this challenge, you will also learn how to systematically tackle complex economic, legal and political framework, and technological issues and find solutions.

The student and alumni network encourages members to discuss professional topics, such as job opportunities and the development of joint ideas or projects.

Odarka Moreno, UK

"Online learning provides the flexibility of managing time and overcomes the limitations of physical location. This is great for people living in different countries and with all sorts of working arrangements. The programme combines the fundamentals of a standard MBA with the plus of focus on a world-relevant topic such as Renewable Energies."


Messaoud Arif, Algeria

"I am an Electrical Engineer and I have been working in the Oil and Gas Upstream for my entire career. Starting the MBA in Renewables I would like to pursue another venture in Clean Energy. The On-Campus week strengthened the online acquired information."