MBA Renewables

Hyazinth Immanuel Hennel

Master's thesis

Market analysis and market entry strategy for renewable energy storage technologies, with a focus on Power-to-Gas

Professional background

Mechanical Engineer

Advice for future students

"If you are continuously studying (e.g. on LU's) from the very beginning you can allow yourself shorter study intervals for a sufficient Work-Life-Balance and you don't run out of time at the end of the semesters".

Experience with the MBA Renewables

"The MBA Renewable program is a great opportunity to get an interdisciplinary insight view in the field of renewables and to meet interesting people from all over the world".

Abstract of the thesis:
The topic of this Master Thesis, which will be dealt with, is energy storage with a focus on Power-to-Gas (PtG), as energy storage solutions should be more and more important in countries with a high share of renewable energies on the overall energy mix. Nevertheless potential investors like Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM`s) have nowadays a reserved position to invest into energy storage solutions, due the uncertainty if energy markets really require energy storage and if an investment is accompanied by economic success.
Therefore relevant markets will be analyzed according their macro-economic boundary conditions and an economic evaluation will be conducted by the simulation of suitable business models. Finally corporate measurements for successful market entry will be identified for companies with strategically interest to invest into energy storage solutions.
The outcome has identified that the current situation on a national and international market level only allow commercialization of PtG by limitation or is accompanied of high economical risk when being applied. Nevertheless PtG can be of high relevance on the medium or long term, when very high fractions of renewable energies exist. Therefore companies of this sector should identify which role they would like to play in the future energy storage market and what measurements are therefore required.